List of Best Android Apps To See Through Clothes in 2020

Best Android Apps To See Through Clothes

Many of us are fascinated by other people, and naked bodies are undoubtedly beautiful.

If you are looking to own a private photo XRay device or you have a sexy colleague with a hot body you would give anything to see, then those transparent dreams of yours are about to come true with our selection of apps.

 Here are the list best Apps To See Through Clothes On 2020

  1. Xray Cloth Scanner Simulator
  2. Body Scanner
  3. Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot
  4. Cloth Scanner Simulator
  5. Xray Body Scanner Simulator

  1. Xray Cloth Scanner Simulator

The main concept of this app is to through the clothes.To play with the apps like this visit the Google Play store to download the XRay Cloth Scanner Simulator app that helps you to connect with. your friends

You can prank your friends by informing them that you have an ultra scanner where it shows you what they’re hiding underneath their clothes. But still, they won’t get you.

We only hope you are mature enough to view nude content. If not, wait a few more years until you become a young adult.

The XRay Cloth Scanner Simulator app also offers a fun way of checking out your companion’s “true” gender.

Important:  Aim/spot your camera at his/her trunk and then you take a naked photo of him/her – suddenly a bra or chest hairs will appear out of it. Then you can enjoy your friend’s shock


2. Body Scanner

The app developers were not particular about the functionality or design of the software.

Hence, your alternations are not easily concealed from your friends, your trick will be revealed quickly, and there won’t be any more surprise.

you can take photos of their friends’ body parts, his or her breasts for example, and then select the most suited bare breasts from the software’s database for display.

3. Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot

Inform your friends that you can glimpse their undergarments!

This scanner users only need to look at their friend’s skin to strip him/her naked. Focus the camera of your device at your intended target to observe their bare beauties.

It sounds shameful and offensive; however, it is just a prank and completely fun.

All you need to do is aim your camera at the correct person.

Don’t hesitate to have some fun with your friends!

It’s essential for everyone involved to realize that this is strictly for laughs; besides, the program displays the body parts of models – girls and guys who are complete strangers to you and your friends.

However, you are guaranteed to enjoy the most successful pranks.

List of Android Apps to See Through Clothes in 2020

4. Cloth Scanner Simulator

This sounds very cool that the app will allow its users to view a little more physical details about friends.

This app offers its users ready-to-use images of beautiful models wearing swimsuits or underwear – where their shape will most likely match with the targeted person’s shape.

5. Xray Body Scanner Simulator

This app’s expertise will shock your friends and family members.

This app that sees through clothes only needs your phone to function without any radiation and special X-rays.

Once you install the software, you are prompted to specify the gender of the person that you intend to scan.

Then you must select the body part you are pointing your camera at.

After capturing the photo, you will get a prank nude image taken with the aid of “XRays.” instantly this may surprise your friends.

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