How to Screen Record on Windows 10 without Any Software ( WINDOWS + G )


Generally, we need to have third-party software to record the screen but Despite it, if you have windows 10 for all together sometime, You may not be aware of its features. One of the best features of it is it or you can record your screen without any software.

This is found in the Game bar which is hidden inside which is specially designed for gamers who always need to record their gameplay videos.

How it Record screen in Windows 10 without using any software.

Before recording the screen make sure your PC is of zero errors. The windows recording can be done in the following ways:

  •  Method 1: Windows Built-In Screen Recorder (through the XBOX app).
  •  Method 2: Using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  •  Method 3: OBS Studio.
  •  Method 4: Flashback Express / Flashback Pro.
  •  Method 5: A Power Soft Online Screen Recorder.
  • Method6: Using VLC Media player


In this article we are giving them information that how to record the windows 10 screen by Windows built-in Screen recorder, using a VLC media player.

 Many of us are familiar with the safe mode of our windows operating system, where we can fix out many software related problems by booting into it.
 But In Windows 10 Safest mode is not enabled. So we have to enable it to use it while troubleshooting problems.



STEP1: On your Windows 10 screen, click on the start button.
STEP2: TYPE “Xbox App” and just simply open it

STEP3: In this app press a key combination and then type Win+G. Make sure what you want to record and then type it on the screen. After clicking the combination key, a Pop up will appear


on the screen. Then after it asks you it’s a game or not. You just simply click on ‘Yes it is a Game’.

STEP4: Now your screen shows the options like Screenshot”, “Start Recording” and “Settings”.

STEP5: Just be smart here, first select the recording option. Then the recording will begin. When the recording is completed you can stop recording options.
 The videos that are recorded will be stored /saved in PC i.e Videos, Captures and Users
 This is how you can record thewindows10 screen without any third-party apps.


Screen Record Windows 10 , 7 , 8 Using VLC Media Player

 VLC Media Player is a software, With the help of VLC Media player, we can record screen without any other third-party recording software. We can use this method in Windows 10, even Windows 7 and 8. Let’s make it clear how to record screen using the VLC media player.
Step1: Download and install VLC Media Player on your Windows computer.
Step2: Go to the option Launch VLC media player and Take the option“Media” and then take “Open Capture Device.”
Step3: Now under Capture mode, click on the drop-down and then select desktop.
Step4: Set all other options as your wish and then click on the “Play” button.
Step5: click on the “Stop” button.
Step6: Then click on the recording and select the save option.


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