Funniest Youtube Videos of All Time

Funniest Youtube Videos Of All Time

YouTube is the ultimate time-waster,  For better or worse, the place you go when you literally have to watch their favorite videos.  Sometimes, if enough people deem a particular video undeniably watchable all at once, it becomes a phenomenon with the cultural cachet to demand that you take notice and catalog it as a historical event.

We’re sure that you have your Favorite youtube videos for turning a frown upside down, but these are ours. Among them, Some are insanely popular, while others have dropped beneath the radar, but all of them are subjectively hilarious.

Note: While all of the below videos are found on YouTube and meet YouTube’s accepted standards for content, some of them contain an adult language, and so they may not be considered safe for work. Be careful with them

1.Buzz and the dandelions


There are great singers and then there are great singers. This excerpt from Kirin J Callinan’s Big Enough really makes that distinction clear.

3.Indoor plant serial killer

But what if you have the opposite of a green thumb? Then you’ll probably relate to YouTuber Natalie Tran, a self-described “indoor plant serial killer.” Laugh about your botany issues as you watch this funny skit in which Tran lets her imagination run wild on this seemingly mundane problem.

4.The crazy nastyass honey badger

What’s not to love about someone affectionately describing the thoroughly impressive and aggressive antics of one of nature’s biggest badasses? The humble honey badger.

5.Laughing Chewbacca mask lady

Toys aren’t just for kids. And when you’re a parent, it’s important to have a few just for yourself. Just ask Chewbacca Mask Lady. Her joy in this video is palpable from the first second. You won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing along with her.

6.Talking twin babies

Linguists around the world continue to work on interpreting this long-dead language that even the speakers couldn’t translate for us now they’ve come of age. We may never know what they said, but it was clearly important and worth remembering fondly.

7.Key & Peele – Gideon’s kitchen

If you love those cooking competition shows, you’ll love this bite-sized parody of Gordon Ramsay’s hit “Hell’s Kitchen.” Does the chef actually like the dish? Who knows?

8.Henri 2, Paw de Deux

We take a moment from our collection to address a serious issue. Cat mental health. If you know a cat who is suffering, be sure to contact your local help center.

9.Grape Lady falls

Grape Lady | Know Your Meme

It’s not polite to laugh at others’ misfortune, but is it anyone’s fault that this poor lady moans in such a funny way?

10.Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead

Who’d have thought that the forehead of an actor could enjoy as much praise as his entire body of work? Well maybe not, but it’s certainly good enough for a laugh.

11.Ultimate farting

The Ultimate Book Of Farting: Included in the book is a newly devised sound chip, with four of the best farts, Professor Bromcie has n record in his private sound collection. The Ultimate Book Of Farting is a minefield of explosive material on the subject and not to be missed by all those with a healthy, or unhealthy, interest in what comes naturally.


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