Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives List

List of Best Alternatives for Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio – Diagramming tools, purely diagramming tools whether it is professional charts or college projects, where it has all the features to Finish it. With plenty of charts, shapes, and structures, Microsoft Visio is the paradise of visual modeling.

It costs around $280 for the Standard version. For a lower version-  $5 per month, which is quite expensive for personal use.  You need not to worry about these costs there are lots of free alternatives for Microsoft Visio.

List of Top Free Microsoft Visio Alternatives:-

Many sites provide tools and elements like Microsoft Visio. So, after researching we got you about the best Microsoft Visio alternatives. Let’s get into the list:

1. Lucidchart


  •  It is very easy to learn
  • It has a huge collection of templates
  • One of the important is Attractive user interface
  • It is one of the best Microsoft Visio alternatives. It is advertised by the team at Cisco, Accenture, etc. Lucidchart has a lot of pre-made templates for almost every project. You can also add different connectors shapes, and containers to make attractive visuals as per requirements.  The basic plan of Lucidchart costs $4 per month.
  • The Pro plan will cost $10 as well as the pro plan for teams will cost $20 per month.

2. Creately


  •  Has Many fun templates
  • Attractive color paalettes.
  • Simple interface
  • Creately is another Microsoft Visio alternative. It mainly offers enough fun templates to make posters and other designs. You can also use text boxes, external links as it completes the work fast.  You need to enter your Email Id If you want to work with a team that allows the access to other team members. The personal Plan in Creately starts from $5 per month and goes on up to  $125 for teams.
    • An excellent collection of flowcharts.
    • Plenty of shapes, edges, and elements.

3.YED Editor

It is very easy to use and one of the best free editing software. Drag and drop the elements to add the templates.YED is the best editor Whether it is flowcharts or diagrams. All you need do is, Just sign up, and you are ready to use the elements and templates as per your requirements.


    • A good collection of flowcharts.
    • Plenty of shapes, edges, and elements.
  • Hence, if you want to make a powerful visual graphic, there are some good software, Whether you need to impress you head or HR or you need to show it to your investor. These tools will help you a lot to quickly draw shapes and flowcharts. It will make your presentation very attractive.
  • Visit: YED Editor

4. Pencil Project


  •  You know it is a Free software
  • It is a very easy and usable interface
  • It has an Enough collection of GUI elements.
  • Pencil Project is an open-source software that is free of cost. With a clean interface, it has every necessary tool.
  • It is very easy to use. Just add your elements, then double click to rotate and resize the image. Free version gets only basic templates, but no fancy templates and infogarpgics.  So, don’t be late for a free alternative to Microsoft Visio, it is the best choice.
  • Visit site: Pencil project



  • Simple interface
  • Different shapes
  • Useful for small scale work
  • No registration required. is one of the most uncomplicated sit. You will get enough templates consisting of standard charts and flowcharts with visual diagrams.Open the site, select the template, and start working. One of the awesome features of it is You can export your templates from Google Drive, Github, and Dropbox. Like Pencil Projects, you can export images in almost any format.

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