As we all know that it is a term related to the internet space. While making it simple understanding, we say that whenever you get connected to the internet, you will automatically be connected to a DNS server is by default set by your server.

In order to have a better internet experience, you can change manually. In addition to it, there are other factors also, why you want to change the DNS values.  Many of you also use these free DNS servers for gaming purposes.

What Is A DNS Server ?

 It stands for Domain Name Server and its main work is to link an IP address with the domain name. For, eg. If you go with the address into your browser such as chrome, firefox.

Note: well, the real story at the backend is  IP address controls the network entities, and then DNS matches the name to the IP address. So now when you go with URL, the DNS server is going to be executing and the quality of the DNS server will decide the rate with which you will visit at Google and start browsing.

What are Public DNS servers:

Well, here comes the main highlights of the story, the public DNS. So, these servers do not belong to the private internet service providers but other companies like Google, OpenDNS, Watch. The DNS is tested based on three parameters.

  1. The location and speed of your  server and your  exact current location
  2. How busy that DNS server in terms of maintaining and filtering traffic
  3. Is the domain cached ? or not?

List of Fastest Free Public DNS Servers List of 2020

1.Google Public DNS-Fastest DNS Server

No doubt, Google public DNS is one of the best and perfect public DNS, and also it has been helping millions of internet users. If you want to change your DNS  to Google Public DNS then immediately change your IP address to and where  Google Public DNS provides support for IPv6 connectivity.

2.Level 3 DNS

This is Another DNS server that provides great is Level3 DNS that provides network-based service which costs top-notch hardware to function in an optimum manner. The IP address with which you can change to Level3 DNS are;


3. OpenDNS

Open DNS a public DNS that is widely used in many countries as the default DNS address. OpenDNS is for the users mainly who know what they are getting themselves into.  OpenDNS is always an ideal choice for you. For the IP address, OpenDNS has and

4. Norton ConnectSafe

Norton Connectsafe good protection for browsing believes in providing enough amount of security and is actually meant to be accessed when you want complete protection for your browsing experience. Currently, Norton Connetsafe offers you the measures of protections and they are

  • Malware, phishing, and scam
  • Security
  • Pornography


DNS. Watch is a third party kind of service that allows you to access the uncensored internet. There is no reduction in internet performance at any cause. Talking about the DNS. Watch IP addresses, they are and

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