Best Fake Incoming Call Apps in 2020

List of Best Fake Incoming Call Apps

I think you are all looking for an app from which you can schedule a fake incoming call to your device?  Then, absolutely you are At The right place.

In this article – I am going to discuss about the best fake incoming call apps for the android device that you can use to get out of an awkward situation.

Fake incoming call apps can be proved a lot of time-savers, in situations like stuck with annoying friends or annoying group.  Don’t forget to grab your sip of wine! You’re going to need it a lot.

List of Best Fake Incoming Call Apps for Android Device:-

Best Fake Incoming Call Apps

Although, there are many apps available on the Play Store that can fulfill this requirement of a fake incoming call on your Android mobile device. but, there are some apps that are on the top of the list.

1. Fake Call- Prank

Fake call – Prank is the top fake phone call app for your android device which has a greater user interface that is very easy to set up.

Fake Call – Prank

This is just useful to each and every person when they are in the worst situation -then you simply open the fake call prank app and click on it. Surprisingly after a few seconds, you ‘ll get a phone call from an unknown number and then you can just say simply ‘excuse me can I have a minute’?

2.Fake a Call

The fake call is another alternative for the best fake phone call apps in your android device. Like all the other fake calls, this also trigger and schedule a fake call after a certain amount of time. Just, set the phone and put it on the table. then after a few seconds it makes you to leave your friends table

3.Fake Call

It is also one of the best fake phone call apps that we have in the play store. You can use it, and it’s very easy and simple to use user interface will definitely help you in setting up a fake call. It is very easy to use and very user-friendly also. now let’s try it.

4.Gogo Call

GogoCall – Power Button Call

GogoCall is a great alternative with a good user interface and also for fake phone call apps for your Android device. you can make custom settings in this application. and, you can also make it change the name, number, image, and sometimes you also can play the pre-planned voice recording.

Best Incoming Fake Calls or Prank Call Apps in 2020

5. Text To Escape

Text to escape is a great feature of free OPEN SOURCE IFTTT application on the web. IFTTT stands for if this then that. it is an amazing tool that you can use to customize your use of your Android device.

Text to Escape

Install the IFTTT application in your device and you can set the process to Trigger the call, Note: You can also Trigger a fake phone call from a text message that you will send to a specific number. I think its a fantastic app. you can try it and enjoy it.

6. Prank War Calls

prank Call wars

Actually Prank Call Wars is a fun app to play a prank with your friends. It mainly offers 100+ different prank calls and gets weekly updates. But only the thging is  You need to choose from a different scenario like “Secret Admirer” before making a call. The amazing voice recognition program will definitely fool your friend into thinking that they are talking to a more real person.

7.Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks

You can enjoy quality time laughing out loud with the Ownage Prank app.

Important: It has a number of pre-recorded pranks to fool your friends.

Moreover, each prank is recorded by professional voice artists so, there is no chance of getting caught. You can save call records.

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