Best App Development Software in 2020

Best App Development Software

If you are considering making your own mobile app but have a limited budget? Creating an app now does not necessarily require huge investments, months of work, or even don’t need any coding experience This article gives the information about special app development software and mobile platforms to create the apps on your own.

1. Appy Pie

Although Appy Pie, a company from India, is an app development software that allows us to build mobile-friendly versions of websites for free. That’s why it is quite popular, and pro-plans for native apps start at just $15 per month. They offer plenty of industry-specific ready templates, for example, dating apps, church apps, restaurant apps, SMB apps. And they made the process clear and understandable for everyone: choose a design, add features, publish. Really user-friendly.

2. Appery

This is a mobile app maker capable of producing local apps. The good news is that you don’t have to install anything, and you can start right away using a visual editor. Drag-n-drop options all way through, which is especially nice for non-coders and non-designers. With available app templates, you assemble your UI.

Many additional functions for advanced development are also at hand right From back-end services like cloud database, push notifications, REST APIs, etc. which is a free trial of 14 days.

3. Swing2App

Swing2App is a cloud-based platform for developing mobile applications where a user can check the application’s UI and functioning in real-time on a virtual machine. It supports both Android and iOS operating systems. Users can use it anytime from anywhere irrespective of the device being used. Its services are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It provides admin and management tools to manage the smooth functioning of the application.

The main attraction of this platform is zero coding experience required and it takes only 15 mins to get an application ready to be used. It comes with a lot of features one of them is unlimited push notifications for your user engagement. This also provides pre-defined templates to be used for designing the application as per the user’s requirement.

For an e-commerce industry, it provides a dashboard to manage the user’s e-commerce application. Once the application production is complete, users can directly upload their applications on the Play Store and App Store through Swing2App itself

4. Bizness Apps

This is an more advanced one when compared to other app builders aimed at small and mid-market level companies. This could be a good choice for marketing agencies, restaurants beauty salons, agents of real estate, etc. Among these, the popular features are things like coupons, scheduling, geographic directions.

It has a lot to offer: neat visual editor, multiple integrations (including 3rd party services), m-commerce features, music, and video players, GPS-based directions and notifications, shopping cart, etc. Bizness Apps also claim life-long support, though we can’t either confirm or deny that, for obvious reasons.


5. Verivo

Verivo AppStudio, who also joined forces with a bigger Appery app builder platform, deserves a place in our list because it offered one of the best tools to build apps faster. It includes a UI configuration tool, a server for apps, security tools, and various reporting options.  Automation for user authentication, data synchronization, integrations, and deployment. And joining another platform – Appery, customers get real solid service.

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